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Jay actively listens. His questions.  Challenges you to  think-thru your own answers.

He asks. You decide. You trust in your capacity and think-thru abilities.

Jay creates conditions to activate richer understanding.

Jay works across 13 success critical dimensions of your intelligence: Organizational. Behavioral. Perceptual. Verbal. Emotional. Intuitional. Motivational. Energetic. Competency. Acumen.

Below is just one example of how the session magic happens.

Collaborating together happens, in a state of trust which encourages your critical think-through.

Jay creates conditions. You uncover answers. Questioning those answers you discover better answers. Listening exposes issues. Reveals what you really see. Uncovers  real wants &  how to get those

Jay serves as your success partner. Your consigliere. Assessments clarify what you can leverage to your advantage.

The relationship becomes richly adventurous. You become clearer, freer, more in control.

You leverage problems in the direction of your goals.

My years and moments of experience, have given me the opportunity, to provide my clients  a variety of offerings that are flexible to their situations.