WinThinking for Candidate Selection

WinThinking insures against the high costs and cold sweats of hiring misfires. It brings process integrity to top candidate-to-job fit selection. This candidate selection process has been effectively used by 1000’s of Fortune 500 companies nationally and internationally to insure right candidate selection fit, first time out.

Our WinThinking methodology focuses first on the job role, by creating a job benchmark defining what the role is accountable for and what the specific behaviors, motivations, skills and acumens needed to insure repeatable performance success.

Imagine if the job itself could speak, what it could tell you if it could. Capturing that critical information creates your benchmark. And having it agreed to by all key stakeholders interfacing with the role on a continual basis

Once your benchmark is produced, your top candidates are then assessed, mapped and evaluated individually and across each other against your benchmark.

Online reports are simple to understand, easy to read and practical in their impact. Colorful slider bar graphics illustrate the gap distances between your candidates and your benchmark.

Surprisingly effective. Fast to evaluate. Just scan the report’s pages to see which candidate has the highest probability for repeatable position success.

Without right people operating in right ways, in right fit roles – profitably adjusting to competitive changes - just won’t happen.

Protect against the high costs, cold sweats and hits to engagement that come from hiring misfires.

For more detailed information on the job benchmark process and capture, just contact us!