Executive Coaching

Success is measured differently for leaders. Star quality expertise alone, was enough yesterday but not for today and tomorrow. Executive success will be evaluated no longer by your individual contribution. Your value will be judged by how well or not, you scale your work footprint to work and accomplish across and through others. WinThinking has a winning solution.

What you get done will no count as much as how well you can management up your direct reports and successfully delegate down to them. Freeing and re-purposing your disposal time and redirecting it into more profitable areas; will define how efficient an executive you are. How effectively you can work across your peers will define your influential power.

Operations drive business. People drive operations. Not understanding how your people operate sideline career path and marginalize your influence.

Understanding how your people work and what drives them enables you to leverage the talent around you. 

We live in an age of irony. We are more information rich than we have ever been but we remain feedback poor. Not leveraging the radial intelligence around you, will end you. Isolation kills. Other career killers are; low employee retention, high churn rates, hiring misfires, anemic buy-in and engagement, toxic management culture, low role awareness and ineffective performance metrics and accountability.   

You know what you see. You see what you want. How to close the gap and get what you need, maybe hidden as one of your blind spots.

WinThinking’s process is facilitative, not directive. We’re not consultants. We don’t answer questions, we question your answers to strengthen your critical think-thru and problem-solving capacity.

We are data driven, results and action oriented business partners supporting your success. WE leverage behavioral science, your emotional intelligence and organizational acumen – to your advantage. 

To learn more about how are processes can work for you and your people, just email or give us a call!