Imposter Leader


Others rely on you for what you know. What they don't know, is that you don't know as much as they think you do. Your fear of being found out lies at the heart of your fatigue. This 1:1  program leverages 8 areas of your intelligence to end your anxiety - for good. 


A deep seated anxiety exists. It lies at the heart of your fatigue. You cannot recognize your accomplishments as real. The greater your success and praise the deeper the anxiety of being an imposter imbeds itself. You fear being discovered. Exposed as the imposter leader you believe yourself to be.


Others rely on me for what I know. I’m in over my head, expected to know more than I actually know. If they only knew, how much I don’t know, they’d know better than to rely on me. I'm afraid of being found out and seen as a less effective leader. No one can find out that I am not who or what they think I am. I'm trapped.


To over-compensate, over-prepare, over-react, over-think, over-extend, under-perform & under-achieve. Then fault failures, on external conditions.


High achievers, rising stars, company owners & chief executives. Those starting new career paths in highly competitive environments. Surveys suggest up to 70% of population globally exhibit this inadequacy. 

5 Agreements of Imposter Leaders:

  • Greater Self Awareness
  • Greater Situational Awareness
  • Greater Resiliency
  • Greater Personal Accountability
  • Greater Self Regulation


Get neutral. See what is. Not what you imagine. Acknowledge your accomplishments as real and valid. Focus on what has been achieved not on what still needs to be. Eliminate negative self biases and projections. Create controls and measures to validate your actual value.


3-6 month program. Assessment + Goals + Action plans + Accountability


  • Stress + EQ + Competencies + Acumens + Behaviors + Motivators Assessment
  • 360 Leadership Feedback Survey: Distributed to select group of relevant participants
  • Force Field Analysis: Identifies radial influences holding initiatives back and driving them forward
  • C.O.B.R.A. Problem Solving Process: 5 step that convert concerns to action and results