Isolated Leader


Forget how smart you are, you need the intelligence of those around you to see clearly - that which you cannot. Winning with radial intelligence makes you smarter and others more engaged. The feedback you lack is the information you need. 


You may not be completely cut off but, you're not completely connect either. Your know your next leadership frontier is leveraging greater emotional intelligence. What you don't know, is how you'll be perceived by others as you evolve. Driving results is easy. Opening up emotionally isn't. 


Others tell me  what they expect I want to hear.


You need to know, what you don't know to predict change, navigate it & minimize risk. Assessing your degree of isolation begins with looking at your biases.


Chief Executives, Company Owners & Division Leads. Those who get that - what got them where they are - won't get them to where they next need to be.


Greater intelligence transparency.  Less knowledge hoarding. Greater predictive insight. Less anxiety. More agility. Better ability to predict change and adapt to it. Less complexity across people, processes, and problems.


3-6 month program. Weekly :60-90 min phone sessions. 


  • Stress + EQ + Competencies + Acumens + Behaviors + Motivators Assessment
  • Meeting shadowing + Action plans + Accountabilities
  • 360 Leadership Feedback Survey: Distributed to select group of relevant participants
  • Force Field Analysis: Identifies radial influences holding initiatives back and driving them forward
  • C.O.B.R.A. Problem Solving Technique: 5 step process moves concerns to action and results