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Activist Leader»

Activist Leaders are called to inspire; people, purpose & profit. Exceeding revenue goals alone is no longer enough. Expressing richer emotional intelligence creates richer value. If this is your next leadership frontier - contact me to explore. This individual and team program leverages the best of Choice Theory decision making, accountability tracking, and emotional intelligence.

Isolated Leader»

It's lonely at the top; separation is created, distortion arises, and biases form. Biases affect judgment, they impact decisions, outcomes and may even end careers. This process calculates the actual dollar business cost that biases have on your profitability. It develops radial team intelligence and delivers greater ROE benefits.

Imposter Leader»

Others rely on you for what you know. What they don't know, is that you don't know as much as they think you do. Your fear of being found out lies at the heart of your fatigue. This individual program leverages 8 areas of intelligence to end your anxiety - for good.

Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom»

Move from ideation, to creation, to fulfillment. Do you fit the classic entrepreneurial success profile? Know the skills, acumens, behaviors, and driving forces needed to win.