Rising or Falling Star Coaching

WinThinking coaching focuses on measureable results that return a greater ROI on the program than its cost. Its scientific, data-driven approach insures created critical objectives, measureable actions and performance results are met and exceeded before defined end times. WinThinking has a winning solution.

Our tried and true process optimizes and leverages Behavioral Science, Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Acumen to insure results are what they need to be to deliver a desired ROI value back to the participant and company.

Our methodology defines 4 natural and adapted Behaviors + 12 Behavioral factors + 12 Driving Force Motivators + 25 Competencies + 6 Acumens + 9 Problem Solving capacities + 91 Attributes + 5 Emotional Intelligence areas.

170 + customized data fields per candidate - all designed to provide needed, relevant insight directed into practical actions calculated to boost, accelerate, engage, scale and sustain repeatable performance success.

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