Succession Planning

Peter Drucker, says “management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” How strong your emerging leader bench strength is, is dependent on how well you’re doing the right things to insure talent succession is what it needs to be so that leadership stability is what it has to be. WinThinking has a winning solution.

WinThinking understands that while managers need clarity, real leaders create it. Your managers operate on direction. Your leaders should be able to operate in ambiguity.

Doing one’s job well doesn’t always translate into the capacity for understanding particular values within complex situations or for practical, conceptual, futuristic and systemic thinking ability. WinThinking assesses for that. 

We also assess beyond behavior, motivation and skill of today and into the “can do” understanding needed for tomorrow’s challenges.

With 170 + data fields gathered, assessed, evaluated per person and aggregated across your succession candidates then gapped to current senior leadership behaviors, driving force motivators, competencies, acumens and emotional intelligence; we bring science to success in succession planning.

To consider what assessment rigor you need to support your succession plan success, just contact us!