What Our Clients Say About Us

Growth Strategist 

In today’s volatile business world, relationships, results, responsiveness, and relevance make the difference…. and my friend Jay brings them all to the table. I have had the good fortune to know and work closely with Jay Levin for more than a decade. Jay has provided coaching and advisory services that I relied upon during difficult and complex initiatives. Jay is not only brilliant; he is dedicated to bringing excellence to every project on his busy list. I trust Jay. He answers his phone no matter the time, he travels no matter the distance, and he gets the job done no matter the difficulty. His performance and ability are in a class above most professionals. Jay is definitely a rockstar!

 Bridgette Chambers MBA, Phd. | Former CEO, ASUG

Chief People Officer

Jay has been invaluable to me as as an executive coach. He provided great recommendations which were grounded in authenticity. I often reflect on his insights not only about me as an individual, but also my team and colleagues. It is really quite amazing how he can so deeply understand the organizational design of a company he has not worked at himself. I often reflect on our conversations even months afterwards and continue to learn more with each conversation. As an HR executive, I work with many of the best worldwide executive coaches. So, I believe the fact that I work with Jay on a personal basis speaks volumes about his caliber.

 Kavita Vora | Jopwell


I have had the distinct honor of working with Jay extensively over the past six months while building an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) program for one of our strategic partners. Jay’s comprehensive knowledge of EQ, individual behavior, and motivation is nothing short of amazing. He is results oriented and a master at understanding the all too often complicated humanistic side of leadership. He consistently demonstrates the uncanny ability to crystallize and communicate concepts in ways that not only bring out the best in people, but are practical, relevant and meaningful. Drawing on his 30+ years of professional experience and coaching, he was instrumental in shaping a practical hands-on exercise for our partner which reinforced the concepts of our EQ program through practical application. He has a deep passion for his work which is evident in his strong willingness to support his clients at all times. He is the consummate professional, always follows through on his commitments, and is one of the most selfless teammates I have had the privilege of serving with in my 22 year professional career.

 Garth Sanginiti | The General Leadership Foundation


Jay has been a valuable and trusted adviser to me and other C-Suite-rs for 25 years. 
When I am running a 1,000,000 miles an hour at a problem, or focused on developing new biz, I'm often missing perspective. Jay is a great resource for slowing down the thought process, analyzing the meaning of things and recommending just the right point of view. Then the solutions I'm looking for come naturally. He could be a big help to any CEO or COO or even the Director of HR. Whether a biz change, management restructure or performance coaching - it comes naturally to Jay. Use him for your key people, it will be the best bucks you spend.

Gary Reiss | Reiss Cubed, LLC and Cubed Lending, LLC

Jay Steven Levin is a master of behavioral and values based assessments. His comprehension allows him to take psychometric data and convert it in way which connects the dots for the real word. His gift allows him to utilize these skills as an executive coach, leader, a candidate selection specialist, a team builder and a developer of people. 

Robert Alderman | Profile 2020 Inc.

Regional VPs

Jay is someone that's passionate about what he does and goes above and beyond the call of duty and made sure I had everything I needed, even if it required him to work early mornings or late nights. His teachings not only enhanced my skills, but prepared me for challenges I may not have yet faced in a struggling economy. He understands and teaches how to utilize our greatest resource, which is people to build a successful brand, because at the end of the day, it's not about me, it's about what I've done to help move the brand forward, while enhancing the lives and careers of others. If you're looking to grow your career, or brand or just looking to enhance your God-given skills I strongly recommend that you give Jay a call. He helped me and I'm sure he can/will do the same for you.

Kelia Bazile | Carrabba's Italian Grill

Jay has outstanding insight into helping managers develop the total package. Great coach!

 Marty Reichenthal | Carrabba's Italian Grill

Studio Manager

I had the pleasure of attending Jay’s manager’s performance program. Often these things are full of cliches and corporate speak, however, this was not the case with Jay. He provided solid tips and analysis on how to be a better manager. The great thing about Jay is that he doesn’t give you the answers, rather he asks the right questions that lead you to your own self realization. His methods were unconventional and challenging, but in the end he pulled something out of me that I didn’t know was there. I came back to my team super motivated, empowered and confident. I have already incorporated some of his methods into my day to day work. Thank you, Jay!

 Jenny Owens | Robert Half International


Jay is an incredible executive performance coach who has an unconventional outlook. A former monk and practicing meditation master, Jay approaches professional development and innovation leadership from a place of reflection, insight and mindfulness. He's incredibly soulful and generous and embodies all of the values that matter in life. I recommend him highly to help guide your executive team to the next level.

Amber Bezahler