Case Studies | Personal Solutions

Career Transition

Vera was miserable. Work was toxic. Bosses intolerable. As HR Director, she and her two direct reports serviced 5,000 employees globally. Ready to quit she was referred to WinThinking by colleagues. Our strategic transition plan suggested she stay in place for 6-9 months to earn a one level up promotion before exiting company.

Our coaching secured her 2 promotions in 5 months with better titles, teams and bosses. In month 6 she accepted a dreamed of position as Chief People Officer in a smaller, more innovative, global leading, hardware manufacturing start.

In three years she accepted an even more elevated position as CPO in a well-funded, purpose driven company satisfying her deep desire to contribute meaning, quality of life and profit. 

Vera is finally, living her dream.


Motivated by greater recognition and control over their destiny, Sarah thought more about turning a vision into profit and less about whether she had the skills and behaviors needed to be independently successful after years being organizationally dependent 

Sarah’s entrepreneurial idea won her a shark-tank like competition. Our assessment of her showed a clear need for adaptive behavior. Our coaching program worked with her to create her own structure and accountability and to express more decisiveness, problem solving and assertiveness to win needed resources, revenue streams, clients and financing. 

Sarah defined her niche, service offering and marketing campaign. Within 5 months she hit the speaking circuit and became a sought-after keynote presenter and wellness consultant. 

From Corporate Management to Consultant. 

Kevin excelled at planning, organizing, creating structure and delivering client value. He just couldn’t sell his services. An admitted introvert, turning into an extravert to sell was out of the question. 

Kevin’s openness and our sales training approach spared him from becoming the cheesy sales person he dreaded being into a value driven, consultative client pleaser, he was happy to be.

Once we fit a sales approach in a self-image that was a inning one for him he not only won more clients but raised his billable rates beyond what he imagined possible.