Leadership. Sales. Organizational. Personal.

Leadership Solutions


Leadership is the art of transferring a belief from one person to many. Real leaders go beyond positional power to create conditions that transform potential, capacity and contribution across people, processes and profits.

Problems occur when leaders and subject matter experts become isolated. This breeds biased thinking which creates poor judgement, bad decisions, meager outcomes and disengaged or under-utilized employees.

Solutions occur when leaders can better predict, adapt and manage through change by recognizing and leveraging the hidden intelligence and assets of those they rely on for growth. WinThinking's facilitative approach stimulates individual and cross-team capacity for critical thinking, problem solving and leading others into winning outcomes.

Sales Solutions

Prospecting. Qualifying. Presenting. Closing. 

Winning sales leaders are self-aware leaders. They understand themselves and others. Star players leverage behavioral, organizational and emotional intelligence to win greater margin and market share, across the buyers and complex organizations they engage with.

Problems occur when sales performers lack the ability to adapt to different buyer styles, problem solving approaches, changing market conditions and hard to predict objections. Sales skill or verbal skills are not enough. 

WinThinking understands selling. We’ve worked with and have driven sales for some of the most powerful consumer product, media, information and service brands on the planet. Over 30+ years we have built a cross-industry databased of star sales performer profiles. For your existing talent or top candidate choices our process maps their assessment results to a success profile that we create with you. Our time-tested methodology accurately predicts probability of success and areas for improvement across the key people you rely on to grow needed revenue for your company.

Organizational Solutions


Organizations are communities that produce, exchange and amplify value for all who operate both within and across them. An organization's values drive the direction, speed and scale of its growth. Organizations thrive when their strategies and actions directly reflect core values; when they don't, they decay. The more people an organization has, the more complex their problems become.

Problems occur when misaligned and assumptive thinking replaces clarity across roles, accountabilities, objectives and restraints. The more people a company has, the more complex and hidden the real issues will be.

Solutions occur when cultures foster greater cross dependence and transparency. People become engaged when they understand the value of their contribution to the organization's bottom line.

Personal Solutions

CAREER TRANSITION. Entrepreneurship. 

Personal and professional growth is the art of staying richly relevant to the world around us. 

Problems occur when emotions impact our neutrality; we lose sight of what the real issues are. Transitional success, whether to a new role or a new company, depends on accurately assessing what has to happen by when in order to get what's wanted and then understanding how to bring desired outcomes about.

Solutions occur when we focus more on issues and less on dramas. We grow by bringing clarity into ambiguity. WinThinking facilitates active think-thru. Our process believes in your intelligence. Our collaboration allows you to find and winning solutions.