High Achievement Coaching for High Achievers


WinThinking is a data-driven business consulting practice. We achieve client objectives by leveraging organizational, behavioral, and emotional intelligence.


Across 30+ years, Jay has personally coached over 10,000 high-achievers worldwide. He developed WinThinking to overcome personal and organizational limitations to success. 

Jay has worked as a VP, COO & President for some of the most powerful media, consumer product, and technology brands on the planet. He is a certified EQ, Behavioral, and Psychometric Analyst, Mediator, and former Vistage Chair.

Jay serves as your accountability and success partner.

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Jay leverages scientific, data-driven assessments to your success advantage - helping you to understand what's needed to win.

He partners with Target Training International, a global leader in assessments used to hire, retain and develop winning business talent. Over 22 million TTI assessments, 1 every 7 seconds have been run in the last 14 years. The suite of assessments Jay works across include:

DISC Behaviors, Driving Force Motivators, Skills and Competencies, Acumens, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Quotient, Team Composites, 360 Organizational Surveys & more.

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"In today’s volatile business world, relationships, results, responsiveness, and relevance make the difference…. and my friend Jay brings them all to the table.

I have had the good fortune to know and work closely with Jay Levin for more than a decade. Jay has provided coaching and advisory services that I relied upon during difficult and complex initiatives.

Jay is not only brilliant; he is dedicated to bringing excellence to every project on his busy list. I trust Jay. He answers his phone no matter the time, he travels no matter the distance, and he gets the...

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Spotlight: Activist Leader

Driving successful initiatives alone - is no longer enough. We long to inspire people, purpose and transformational change in and across ourselves and others.