Activist Leader: The 5 Competencies




The capacity for recognizing, understanding and activating individuality in others and ourselves to bring about extraordinary contribution.

Work is both functional and emotional. Without SA you become flat.  Irrelevance impacts your career, your people, products, services and clients.

An EQ assessment measures your levels of development and offer improvement direction.


The capacity and power to activate transformational thinking, behaviors and actions to blow past your goals.

The more powerful you become the more dependent you are on others to scale your success. You know it. Influence is currency. Without it you’re professionally bankrupt. Acting beyond your means.

EQ and Acumen Capacity assessments evaluate your levels of clarity, and offer improvement direction.


The capacity to awaken, activate, direct and sustain desired awareness and insight to achieve what’s needed.

Define your personal brand or others will. Position yourself or situations will. Determine how others have to see you to get done what you need to.

Behavioral and EQ assessments plus 360 surveys open your eyes to your blind spots, and show you how others see you.


The capacity to activate acceptance, commitment and urgency needed to scale your efforts across others.

Tribal power trumps personal power. Cohesive power powers change. Isolated power is powerless, affecting nothing, inspiring no one. 

Crowd sourcing 360 surveys measure the strength of your following and show how to improve it.


The capacity to realize the measurable results needed by others for them to do what they need to do to win.

S.M.A.R.T performance measures are defined, cooperatively agreed to and effectively tracked across key contributors.