Activist Leader


Driving successful initiatives alone - is no longer enough. We long to inspire people, purpose and transformational change in and across ourselves and others. 


Known for driving results has defined us. Limited us. We've allowed it. It's the problem. 


There's more to who I am than just what I do.  My people feel the same. I drive results not lead people.


I need to create conditions that activate meaningful change in myself and those around me. This is my new frontier. My leadership challenge. To inspire others to lead themselves. 


Senior and C-Level executives.


We turn value into action by embracing The 5 Competencies of an Activist Leader. 

Activist Leadership achieves 3 Outcomes. 

We trade Old Rules for New Rules of Leadership. 

Here's an example of what we gain and can become: Tale of an Activist Leader.


3-6 month program. Weekly 60 - 90 min phone sessions. 


  • Stress + EQ + Competencies + Acumens + Behaviors + Motivators Assessment
  • Meeting shadowing + Action plans + Accountabilities
  • 360 Leadership Feedback Survey: Distributed to select group of relevant participants
  • Force Field Analysis: Identifies radial influences holding initiatives back and driving them forward
  • C.O.B.R.A. Problem Solving Technique: 5 step process moves concerns to action and results