How Dare You, Belittle Yourself


How can we be so smart, skilled, talented, accomplished and recognized but not recognize how our littleness belittles us?

How can we not recognize that our responses reveal who we are to others. Way before we see how others see us - for who we really are?

We are found through our responses.

When what happens to us becomes more important than what we become through what happens, we are set adrift. When winds around us set direction we  - lose direction. When how we're treated gets the focus over how we respond -vision becomes blurred.

When what happens to and around us - means more than what we think and feel about what happens to us - we loses meaning and episodes gain it.

What we think, what we feel, mean nothing. How we respond means something.

We are discovered through our responses.

How dare you allow life's littleness to belittle you!

Rise above yourself. Follow your responses. Through them you will be found.