Polar Creep, Are You A Victim Of It, Even - If You Don't Know What It Is!


It's refreshing to see examples of polarization outside of presidential politics. 

Now we see it in the field of leadership expressed by Peter Barron Stark in his blog. He writes, "Authenticity isn't always the answer. Leaders should strive for authenticity, but not at the expense of employees' morale and productivity."

If this vapidly simplistic comment were coming from Trump we'd think nothing of it but from a supposed nationally recognized management consulting company it's flat out zombie stupid.

Who in their right mind would say that we'd have to temper our authenticity so as to not affect morale. In what walking dead world would one act have to do with the other. Only in the numb minds of those who have no understanding what authenticity is, what it looks like and how it can be expressed.

Authenticity increases connectivity and engagement. Da! It's only cost to leaders lies in their biased thinking, thinking that states that vulnerability can only be - a sign of weakness and as such it would weakens morale by its example. Hog wash.

Polarizing the extreme outcome of any action only serves to lessen, dilute intention, conviction and clog action. 

Polarization is the strategy of inaction. 

Be mindful of how you may be drawn into the gravity of polar creep.

Polarization affects thinking. Dents perception, Impacts judgement. Prejudices speaking and acting. 

Polarization is inorganic. It brings decay. Not growth.

Polarization separates. Disengages. It cuts life off at its stem. Alienates. Alienates us from others and worse, from ourselves.

Polarization sucks. Sucks life force out. It's the anti-hero of revitalization.

And while you're watching out for polar creep in you and around you, watch out for management gurus and coaches who not-so-artfully use it to make themselves seem more than they are and we less . . . than we can become.

Leaders should not only strive for authenticity, we should live by it. Because if we don't it will come at the expense of employee morale and productivity.

You gotta love upside-down polarized thinking. At least it's refreshing to see it outside of politics.