The Seduction Of Distraction

The allure of blame is seductive. You know it is.

The attraction to misdirect personal accountability for fault in others is an impulse - not easy to control. Craving to attribute guilt to external influences seemingly out of your control is more intoxicating than the scent of a sexual fragrance.

There is something inherently stimulating in self-looping ourselves out of issues. Denouncing others for their culpability rather than facing our lack of focus.

Inviting external situations into reasons, explanations and justifications for why things are wrong has appeal. Like a secret affair, flirting with someone else becomes our source of excitement. It’s a rush.

Managers denying responsibility. Disloyal clients. Unconcerned vendors. Indifferent team leads. Adverse market conditions. Others who created the mess. Complaining employees. Warring territorial departments. High envy. Low moral. Sub-zero engagement. 

"Why am I here, when I could be there?" "Anywhere's better than here."

Excuses create wandering eyes. They whisper to us to look elsewhere for pleasure of justification - while we get all hot and bothered in our self centered stories of injustice.

“They need to do this.” “You need to stop that.” She. He. They. Them. Those. That. Anyone or anything we can find to avoid facing our own inadequate and limp accountability.

End your affair with others. Stand apart from the burdenness heat of fault and passionate arousal of blame.

 Step back. Step up. Get in step with what you’re out of step with.

Look at what you're looking away from.

Stop your tryst with judgment. Cease your love affair with blame.

 Playing victim is playing with yourself. Regain focus.

 Avoid the seduction of desire. End distraction. Before it ends you.