When Agents Pose As Servants; Wolves Can Appear Clothed As Sheep


When agents of anger pose as servants of people, followers can become subservient.

Agents are concerned with being right. Servants show concern for righteousness.

As we follow agents of anger we allow anger to lead us.

When anger rules, rules can enslave.

As anger grows too strong we can become too weak.

As anger leads and we follow, we empower its voice and lose, not find; our own.

When we misplace our voice, convinced we’ve found it, we become lost in our mistake.

Mistaken conviction can invite delusion.

We can sleep dreaming we are free and not be.

Anger can inform us but should not define us.

When we elect anger to represent us we can lose sight of who we are.

Anger can be an expression of compassion but it is not it’s truest reflection.

Promotion of anger without discrimination can be morally irresponsible and delusional.

When agents of anger pose as servants of truth, wolves can appear in sheep’s clothing.

When wolves appear to be other than they are - not so great things may happen.