Why Great Sales People Always Lead With Mystery


As leaders we manage results. Not activities. We focus on outcomes. Not dramas.

Dramas are best when seen at Operas. Not in workplaces. But . . .

But . . . that don't mean, there ain't no place - for a little mystery in what and how we do what we do. Especially, when what we want is to influence others in ways that create compelling interest to explore and engage - mystery can be our message.

Here's one simple example of what I mean. Those of us with fully functioning frontal lobes in our brains - hate swiss-cheesy email marketing and marketers. We all do.

But watch how this unknown-out-of-the-blue-copywriting artist draws me in with his email to me yesterday. His mystery works. Like a charm. He's the proverbial wizard-behind-the-curtain to my Dorothy.

Hey Dude,

I'd like to ride with you out to see Aunt Tina this weekend. Lemme know if that works for you or if I need to make other arrangements.


I don't know Cling. I may though change my name to his. I don't know Aunt Tina. Nor do I know any Tina. But now, I wish I did. I want to know her. I have to know her.

I hate being called "Hey Dude." Same as I hate someone "Babe'n" me. But Cling can "Dude" me all he wants. For Cling it works. For me it's just fine.

I don't know who "the flip" Cling is. Or what he wants or (think I'm going to throw up here) the "why" behind his invite to me. But . . . I'm probably going to write him back.

No forget want . . . I am definately going to write him back. I'll ask him when he wants me to pick him up for our drive to see Aunt Tina and when was the last time he spoke to her.

Cling's message of mystery approach is that good, and . . . I'm that curious! I'll take on the consequences of what he tries to sell me - just because I need to hear what he has to say. I want more. I'm curious. The mystery is killing me. Tell me more Cling. Please!

In fact, I want Cling to write for me. Sell for me. I want more mystique. More curiosity in my life. I want more interest shown me from clients and well, everyone.

I'm dog tired telling. I want more asking. I'm past pitching. I want clients begging me to tell them more.


Cling-the-Klingon can show me how. I need help. I need a fictional warrior species-someone (maybe even Aunt Tina) to show me how to create direct-response communication conversion magic. I'm convinced mystery can show me the money!

A little mystery works swell when it comes to selling anything to anybody. Stimulating trounces telling. Always. Evoking curiosity and openness wins over pronouncing or declaring to others that they should be open.

Curiosity is magic. Creating it, creates magic. There's an unmistakable shine, sparkle and allure in it. We want it all the more mystery even - if we're afraid of it (and maybe even because we're afraid of it). A sense of mystery manifests our aliveness. Puts bounce and spring into our otherwise laden loaded step.


If influencing is a critical business skill for you, then learning how to leverage mystery to get what we want - is an art! So paint. Create! Sculpt. Be Picasso. Dabble in Dali.

Use your art of mystery to draw others into your POV.

Odds are they'll love the approach. You'll love the result. Just ask Cling. Or Aunt Tina.

I'll be back soon with more on Cling. I know you're dying to hear how my reach out to him goes.