12 Practices To Boost Client Retention


A Jedi Mentor of mine asked me a favor; to define what I thought, were the reasons for his extraordinary client retention success. He's had his clients for 20 + years.

Here's my reflections back to him on his success. Practicing them will insure your success too.

1. Speak truth.Your clients want it. They need it. They have enough “yes” men and women around them. They don’t need another one.

2. Be Bold. Clients want bold thinking. Everyone wants to be bold themselves. We all love the rush and thrill of swinging for the fences.

3. Challenge Thinking. But, only after - you’ve relevantly established your own value.

4. Express Belief. Believe in others if you want others to believe in you. Give what you want to receive.

5. Say What’s Right. Not just what’s appropriate. Clients feed on intelligence - not dished out pablum.

6. Know Your Craft. Know it better than anyone. Way better, than anyone.

7. See Yourself As Unfinished Art. Think you're done and your probable already are.

8. Perfect Your Craft. Practice it more than you think you need to. Way more!

9. Hot Water Doesn't Pay Well. Don't assume or presume and get yourself into trouble.

10. Speak from the Heart. Get out of your head & into your emotional intelligence.

11. Open Your Heart. Give what you expect. Be open before trying to open up others.

12. Listen With Your Heart. Not with your ears. 

Practice one of the above for at least a day. Better for a week.

Live your practice and your clients will live longer with you.