Your Victories May Be Great But, Are Your People Feeling Great, About Them??


At least one thing is true in management across any and all industries. Managers rely on clarity. Leaders create it. 

Even across the strongest performers I am asked to work with (across private endeavors or public enterprises) many are weak players. Despite their intelligence and subject matter expertise they are surprisingly often held back by a number of simple, common factors. Those include, overdeveloped egos, low level listening capacity, under-developed problem solving skills, limited capacity for critical thinking, systems judgement and practical results oriented application plus over-reliance on approaches that have worked in the past.

Most talent contributors understand what’s needed from them. That easy, their told that.

Some workers are lucky enough to be let in on why what's needed, is needed; for overall business growth to continue for the company at large.

What most workers on all levels lack, is the think-thru and organizational ability to breakdown rich, complex problems and build up those elements and forward those into a scaleable solution plan tied to specific accountable actions. 

The single most limiting factor holding a “weak” player back from being a “strong” player is; the lack of their valuing the amount of time needed for rich critical think-thru.

The next most limiting factor is understanding if the worker knows how to get done what's needed to get done and how to influence cooperative buy-in, downstream, cross-stream and upstream.

Knowing this speeds work flow and efficiencies up. It also insures all players have the knowledge and resources needed to deliver what's needed on time before those resources run out. This requires think-thru planning, organization, plus understanding the behavior of others, the awareness to know what actually motivates those we rely on for success and clear communication and influencing skills.

When behavioral science, emotional intelligence and organizational acumen are integrated and leveraged into a practically applied approach to managing activities then everyone understands the "what," "why," and "how," they can be, will be a dynamic part of the victory.

Focus clarity and clarifying focus takes precious time, time which nobody, ain't got. But ask yourself this, how much time does your career, your reputation, personal brand and your income got - for failure, right?

When all involved contributors clearly understand how to do what's needed and value the needed time to think-thru what's needed to win - everyone feels great about the victory in general and their in particular!