You're So Pumped Up On You. We're So Not!


Sooner or later in our career success arc, we run full-tilt speed into a brick, wall of irony.


The better we are, the more responsibility we get. The more responsibly we deliver the more control we gain. The more control we gain, the more power we feel.

The more control and power we gain - the more dependent on others we become.

At a certain tipping point we need others more than they need us.

As our work footprint expands we become more dependent on the delivery of others, for our success - not less. Lose the support of others, we lose our loft. Our rising star, falls smack streaking fast into a sea of irrelevance. We drown. Our careers sink.


Get the irony and you start seeing others differently.

Overvalue your value and how important your contribution is and you're already showing the tell-tale, smoke trails of mid-air engine stall and deep dive, descent.

Here's 12 simple things you can do to insure scalable success;

  1. Lift others up with you. Share the thrill of star shine. You won't get skin cancer.
  2. Don't hog praise. Eating sodium riddled ham kills. Sharing praise won't.
  3. Make sure you're people know how their contribution is important, in real dollars.
  4. Determine if you're people know how to do what's needed. They may not.
  5. Manage up and delegate down. It doesn't happen by itself.
  6. Be a mentor, not a monster.
  7. Be someone others want to follow, not have to, to keep their jobs.
  8. Understand the hidden assets of your people or they'll hide their wealth from you.
  9. Promote critical thinking skills in those around you or . . . invest in AI robotics.
  10. Practice empathy. It's good for the soul - even if you're not sure you have one.
  11. Understand the values behind how/why others act they way they do. It will surprise.
  12. Express mindfulness. You're not a zombie. Even if you act like one.

Scaling your success depends on scaling other's success. It's more than a sound bite!

The more powerful you become the more dependent you are on others.

Get the irony . . . before the irony - gets you!

You maybe King Kong in your own mind, but treating others as disposal banana peels only sets you up, for a big hairy fall.


If you're so pumped on you, you can bet others aren't. They've already distanced themselves from you, they just haven't told you yet.


Feeling uncertain? Uncertainty can be grounding. Keeps us alert. Protects against slipping over ourselves, right?