How Utilized Or Not - Is Your Talent Pool?


Axios AM, posted today that Gary Cohn, now departed top White House economic advisor, told Trump at one point, according to West Wing officials, "I've got to tell you, I'm working at like 20 percent of my capacity."

Six simple questions for you here;

  1. Why would Cohn ever have to say that to his boss, shouldn't the President or at least his Chief of Staff already know that?
  2. Do your key people have to tell you right to your face, or keep hidden from you - that they're under-utilized?
  3. Precisely how utilized are your key people and their teams?
  4. Do you actually know the answer or are you assuming the answer?
  5. If you the know the answer, exactly how do you know it?
  6. How are you measuring the utility of your people?

Utility: The Hidden Key To Inclusion

The more utilized we are - the more engaged and included we become. The opposite is also true, the less utilized we are, the more isolated we become. Where do your people stand?

Utility can be measured. It has at two principal facings. Capacity. And Capability. How are you assessing both - across all your key people and their teams?

Increasing performance utility

Is Your Responsibility As A Leader, Not Your Direct Reports

Do you really need a helicopter to landing on the south lawn of your offices to wake you up enough to assess, evaluate, determine and correct under-utilization around you?

Ok, so your not the President of the free world, but when it comes to optimizing your talented contributors are you a clued-in or clueless CEO or team lead?

My last question is simply this; what are you going to do about what you've read here?