What Do Do When You Get Dumped


Immediate choice; step up, express anger, retaliate, attack. Second option, step back, don't confront, go passive, blame and repress.

Another choice; step aside, be mindful, impartial, detached. Don't judge anything, others or yourself.

Pivot feelings. Move from experiencing loss or theft to finding hidden value in disguise.

Shift perspective. Elevate your awareness. Think opportunity offered not pride stolen.

Replace emotions. Feel someone's doing you a good not a bad. Feel a favor being offered not your integrity and self-pride taken from you.

Consider the situational math here. Has what happened, happened "2" you or "4" you?

A vaulted mentor pushed me to see these choices when they intentionally hauled off their angered pride and dumped it on me. They did a good job of dumping their trash.

But one thing didn't add up to me. In the past, when they did a good job of giving me valued advice, I happily took it. Saw its merit. Appreciated it. Leveraged it. Used it to my advantage. Never saw that - as trash.

I listened then, why not now? Only reason, listening only to my re-active anger trash-talked me out of listening to reason. This time just because the dump was at me, I took it on - like an empty land fill.


Just because life can seem like a constant dodgeball game, with us as the target; doesn't mean we have to step into the shot. We can artfully sidestep the hit. Have we forgot how we used to play as kids. We're not the target, unless our need for attention needs it.

Why should our pride born, emotionally biased attachments distort reality and twist us up? Why let our blaming others give us the easy way out - of not looking within? Why should we let that happen? What's the real purpose there in taking on that?

Sooner or later life teaches us to embrace what we resent to become more present.

Growing in presence, being present . . . can be one of the presents of getting dumped on.

Thanks for the dump AR, you showed me a sustainable green way to recycle pollution.