Precise Communication. Practice It . . Or, You're Toast


The further our careers advance, success depends less on what we do on our own and more on how much we can accomplish through and across others.

Output. Thru-put. Are now measured by how we scale not by individual contribution.

Influence becomes the new currency. Got it? Scale it? Repeat it? You move up. Don’t. You won’t.

Your influential clout is determined by the level of effective communication you represent.

The evidence of influence is testified in how well you can work through others. High, you move up. Low you’re treading water, at best.

And here’s the kicker, the higher we ascend in our careers the more we need to rely on others to scale our efforts.

The minute your influential power wanes and with it your ability to work through others – you’re toast.

To make sure that doesn’t happen follow this 4 step de-toaster plan;

  1. Understand your behavior.
  2. Understand how others behave.
  3. Learn to adapt your behavioral style to others to get the results you want.
  4. Measure specific effectiveness. Assess. Re-adapt. Test. Repeat.

Here’s 14 points you can’t afford to lose sight of;

  1. We work thru others or we’re toast.
  2. If we don’t get how others behave we can’t communicate effectively with them.
  3. If we don’t understand the values/motivators of others we won’t be effective.
  4. We lose effectiveness, we lose influence.
  5. We lose influence, we lose scalability.
  6. Lose that, we lose power.
  7. Lose power, we lose security.
  8. Lose security we become vulnerable.
  9. Vulnerability communicates weakness.
  10. Weakness moves us closer to the burn out and the exit door.
  11. The closer we get to the exit door the more desperate we become.
  12. Desperation breeds breakdown.
  13. Breakdown breaks us down.
  14. Breakdown brings failure.


  1. Understand how you behave.
  2. Understand how others behave.
  3. Understand how you’re perceived by others.
  4. Understand how you and other deal with problems, people, pacing and procedures.
  5. Map your communication accordingly upstream, downstream and across your peer network.
  6. Maximize your influential power.
  7. Advance your initiatives and career forward.
  8. Or not?