Anger, The Original Toxic Nerve Gas


Toxic nerve gas headlines spread across global news sources this past week.

Invisible. Fast spreading. Deadly. The toxin reported about may have been the substance known as VX, according to authorities in Malaysia.

VX can exist on certain substances for long periods of time. Its volatility can vary. It's pure state is colorless. Can be liquid or vapor. Direct contact kills.

The Washington Post (February 25th, 2017 story) quoted Stimson Center, senior associate, Cindy Vestergaard as saying, "VX is highly toxic. It takes just a drop, and that's it. Unless you have an antidote, you're gone."

Anger, rage and intolerance appear to operate in similar ways.

Identification with emotional reaction is toxic.

There is an antidote. The treatment is known as Self-Regulation.

When applied it increases the capacity to control or redirect disruptive impulses and the inclination to suspend judgement and think before acting.

Given current critically high and alarm rising airborne levels of global intolerance and polarizing hostility; introducing high frequency treatments of Self-Regulation into our minds, hearts and actions may be a vital way to safeguard our equilibrium and sanity.