When Unfounded Conclusions Become The Norm


When the unfounded becomes acceptable we are found to be foundationally on unsound ground.

When the unfounded becomes acceptable accusation, then guilty until proven innocent becomes the new norm.

When guilty until proven innocent, replaces innocent until proven guilty, fairness is replaced with injustice.

When injustice supersedes justice, the new norm is loss.

When the unfounded is expressed as fact before the facts are found, how we treat each other becomes undermined and undervalued.

When leaders model behaviors that undermine foundational values of democracy, democracy becomes undervalued and is undermined.

When democracy is undermined, we undervalue each other and undermine ourselves.

When accusation becomes the transactional currency of power, values of liberty and justice for all, are forgotten.

When values of liberty, justice and due process for all; are forgotten, repression reigns.

In repression we can no longer remember who we are.

When we can no longer remember who we are, we can no longer be found.

We become ourselves unfounded.

When the unfound becomes the norm, our core becomes hollowed out.