11 Ways To Be A Winning Negotiator!


Taking a client who breached a contract to court, took me to a whole new level of understanding how to win when negotiating. Here’s 11 things I learned that may help you.

  1. Practice deep preparation. Prepare way more than you think necessary.
  2. Don’t rely or depend on your fast thinking, smooth talking verbal skills.
  3. Actually write your answers to both expected and unanticipated questions.
  4. Define what support material you need, then produce more than needed.
  5. Define the top 3-4 points you need to make to make your case. Stick to them.
  6. Be brief. Be specific. Be concise. Stay on point.
  7. Don’t be abstract. The neocortex Croc brains of Judges or clients don’t like it.
  8. Be respectful. Not emotional. Remember its about winning, not about you.
  9. Control your frame or be controlled by the frames others set.
  10. Practice patience. Winning at negotiating requires it. Everyone has their own pace.
  11. Practice. Practice Practice. Focus. Focus. Focus.

The other day, I won way more than I thought I would by following the above 11 steps.

Truth be know, this simple advice comes from a lifetime friend and lawyer that rarely loses. (Thanks WS, you saved me!)