Normal . . . Is The New Special


Exactly, what's so special about . . . being special?

Special cereal. Special offer. Weekend special. Special needs. Special reserve. Special education. Special skill. Special talent. Special olympics. Special event. Special mention. Special trophy. Special discount. That special something.

From advertising hype to life coach blah, blah - all we hear is we are . . .


Really? Does Special K cereal need every single lightly toasted piece of rice, barely or oats to be special? Do you need for every morsel in your cereal bowl to be special to enjoy your loving spoonfuls of it?

Personally, I'm good with normal. Here's why I think you should be too;

  1. Work product is about work. Focus on getting the job done not getting applause.
  2. Recognize what's needed beyond what's expected and you'll be needed.
  3. Work is about what's needed, not about what you need or your neediness.
  4. Work is about profitable, productive, performance not pumped up personality.
  5. Our roles, professionally and personally expect "special." so what's so special?
  6. Focus on serving up excellence and your focus will expand beyond yourself.
  7. Value who you are. Not on the values others try to get you to buy into.
  8. Just because others identify who they are, with what they do - you don't have to.
  9. The less self-aware you are the more you'll need others to be aware of you.
  10. Personal and professional excellence is it's own reward.

Special isn't all that special. Normal is the new special. Do great things as if it was normal for you.

Serve others. Not yourself. Get over yourself.